Monday, March 12, 2012

Help Stop Illegal Animal Sales in the Fashion District

Report any suspicious or illegal activity to the LA Fashion District Clean & Safe Team.
They're the ones in the yellow shirts!

A message from the LA Fashion District Clean & Safe Team:
It was recently brought to our attention that some of you may have been approached by animal vendors while shopping at the Fashion District. Please do not purchase pets from illegal vendors. It is illegal to sale OR buy animals in our district. We’ve outlawed animal sales in an effort to help save and protect animals, especially baby animals that are weaned to early from their mothers.

There have been reports of “dwarf bunnies” being sold. These are not dwarf bunnies. These are baby bunnies that have been weaned too early from their mothers and are at a high risk for death. They cannot eat the carrots and lettuce in their cage, and many end up starving to death.

We are asking for everyone’s support to help spread the word and stop illegal animal vendors in our district.

If you come across animal vendors, please report them immediately to the Clean & Safe 24-hour response team by calling 213-741-2661.

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