Thursday, August 28, 2014

Where to Find Cute Jeans in the Santee Alley

Whether you are looking for jeans to dress up in the evening or relax in the day time U- Cute Jeans is your one stop shop destination for a diverse mix of jeans! They carry kids, juniors, women's and plus-sizes making it a great place for the whole family. Did we mention the great prices? Be sure to check it out!

1126 A Santee Alley 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Geolo Fire Brings Streetwear Clothing to Santee Alley

The Santee Alley's streetwear scene is growing! While we've seen various stores carry streetwear in the last year, there has really only been one store dedicated entirely to streetwear. That is until a few months ago when Geolo Fire opened at 1138-A Santee St (inside the alley). Geolo Fire offers both wholesale and retail men's urban fashions, specifically printed t-shirts and tank tops, joggers, sweatpants, shorts, and jeans. Streetwear, which is rooted in LA's skate and surf culture, has become increasingly popular over the last couple years, and we're very excited to see it in the alley, adding to our already robust selection on menswear. Welcome to Santee Alley Geolo!

Geolo Fire
1138-A Santee St (inside the alley)

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sneakers and Athletic Shoes Starting at only $12.99!

Petalos Shoes has reopened and transformed itself into a athletic and casual footwear store, filling a void for much needed quality sneakers in the alley. The former women's shoe store now carries sneakers and athletic footwear for the entire family, as well as sportswear and athletic gear for men and women. Sneakers start as low as $12.99 and brand name shoes, like the Converse high-tops are only $34.99. Women's workout outfits are only $14.99 and there is a variety of baseball and NFL t-shirts and jackets. Scroll below to see more of their current inventory.

Petalos Shoes
1144 1/2 inside Santee Alley 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

California Mirage Jewelry

Located at the Santee Alley's 11th Street entrance, California Mirage Jewelry offers wholesale and retail gold and silver plated jewelry including chains, bracelets, necklaces, rings and pendants, as well as some novelty items. This is the only store dedicated entirely to gold and silver (most jewelry stores in the alley sell costume jewelry only). The family run business has been operating out of the Santee Alley location since 2002 and prides itself on friendly customer service. For pricing and purchase inquiries please contact the store directly.

California Mirage Jewelry
1101 Maple Ave.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Weekly Fashion Finds: Summer Finds at Vickie's Fashion

It's been too long since our last "Weekly Fashion Finds", so we've decided to bring it back! Vickie's Fashion is a long-time favorite in the Santee Alley area. (They are not located in the alley, but on Santee Street. 1136-B Santee St. to be exact.) Vickie's offers quality women's fashion for wholesale and retail buyers. Inventory changes each week. Scroll below to see some of our favorites from this week...

Vickie's Fashion
1136-B Santee St. Correction: Vickie's has moved to a new location and is no longer in the Santee Alley area

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Santee Alley Back 2 School Shopping Guide (Part 2)

Get ready for Back-2-School at Santee Alley and save up to 70% off retail prices! In Part 2 of the Back-2-School Shopping Guide we'll show you where to shop for the best deals on uniforms and gym clothes, sneakers and athletic shoes and clothing, and casual footwear for men, women, and kids. Check out Part 1 of the shopping guide here.

Let us know if there's anything on your Back-2-School shopping list we've missed, and we'll tell you where to find it!

During Back-2-School season we sometimes see kids' clothing stores carry uniforms, but S & J Casual specializes in school uniforms and gym clothes year-round. Please note, they carry almost exclusively boy's and men's sizes.

We recommend:
S & J Casual and Athletic Wear
1119-D Maple Ave.

The Santee Alley has various authorized retailers of Converse, Nike, Puma, Jordan, Reebok, Vans, among other department store brands. Pricing varies depending on the brand and model of the sneaker, but in general shoppers wills save at least 30% off department store retail prices.

We recommend:
Black Knights
1139 Maple Ave. inside Santee Alley

Not only does the alley have discounted sneakers and athletic footwear, we actually have casual footwear for the entire family including kids' and baby sizes. Shoes for men range from casual sneakers and boots to oxfords, drivers, and loafers. Styles for women include sandals, flats, casual sneakers, boots, and more.

We recommend:

Men's Shoes
1123-B Maple Ave.
Leon de Judah
1125-7 Maple Ave.

Women's Shoes
Betty's Shoes
1042-B Santee St. inside Santee Alley
Sensual Steps
1117-D Maple Ave. inside Santee Alley

Kids' Shoes
Forever Shoes
1031 Maple Ave. inside Santee Alley

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Santee Alley Back-2-School Shopping Guide (Part 1)

Get ready for Back-2-School at Santee Alley and save up to 70% off retail prices! In Part 1 of the Back-2-School Shopping Guide we'll show you where to shop for the best deals on backpacks, juniors jeans, and plus-size clothing. Next week we'll be back with Part 2, which will include uniforms, gym clothes, and casual and athletic footwear.

Let us know if there's anything on your Back-2-School shopping list we've missed, and we'll tell you where to find it!

Most of The Santee Alley handbag and luggage vendors have backpacks in stock for Back-2-School. We've seen both Jansport and Everest brands. For the best deal, we suggest the Everest backpacks. They're going as low as $15! Buy backpacks for the whole family and bargain for a better deal. The more you buy the more you'll save. 

We recommend:

Halo Handbags
1016 S. Santee St. (inside the alley) and 1137 Santee St. (Pictured above.)

Jeans are  the ultimate Back-2-School staple and you won't find them for less anywhere else. With prices for shorts and jeggings as low as $10 in various stores, and Colombian and Brazilian style jeans for only $15, you could buy a new pair for the entire first week of school and still save money. 

We recommend:
U - Cute Jeans
(for women and girls sizes)
1150-A inside Santee Alley
Hip Hop Sports (for men)

1125-3 Maple Ave.

Hip Hop Sports is also a go-to favorite for streetwear. Here you'll find brand such as Diamond, OBEY, Primitive, and DGK all at discounted prices.

Many stores in the alley have started to carry junior plus-sizes especially for jeans, but fashionable plus-size tops and dresses can be harder to come by. That's why we recommend Sweeties Plus, the only plus-size-only women's clothing store in the alley. Sweeties has two locations in the LA Fashion District and offers figure-flattering, trendy styles up to 3x.

We Recommend:
Sweeties Plus

325 E 12th St. (inside the alley)

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Hoops Baby!

In case you haven't guessed it, Hoops Baby! specializes in just that, hoops! The retail and wholesale vendor has every type of hoop earring imaginable, along with very cute fashion jewelry, including an assortment of gold and silver chains and bangles. Hoops Baby! is relatively new to Santee Street. You'll want to look for the Hoops Baby! logo on the building.

Hoops Baby
1038 Santee St.

See the newest Hoops Baby! styles on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or Scroll below to see more of what's currently in stock...

Friday, August 1, 2014

Now Open: JR Jeans Women's Clothing

The newest store to open in the Santee Alley is maxi dress heaven! JR Jeans currently has the largest selection of maxi dresses and skirts in the alley. They also have a huge selection of jeans (as the store name suggests), including plus-size and Colombian and Brazilian styles. Our fashion-forward shoppers will find a lot of unique prints and bold colors here, as well as jumpsuits, which are quickly becoming a top-seller this summer.

JR is the sister store of RBK Jeans and J and J Apparel, which we recently featured here and here. The brand new store features ample fitting rooms and flexible wholesale minimums for buyers looking to mix-and-match styles.

JR Jeans
Retail and Wholesale
1129 Maple Ave.

The peplum tops with bow detailing on the back are so cute!

These lace-up lace tops are a customer favorite.

JR Jeans has two entrances, one is inside the alley and the other can be accessed on Maple Avenue (pictured below).