Friday, November 22, 2013

Leon de Judah - Sports Shoes

The alley has long been known as a shoe heaven for women, but we've noticed an increasing trend in new businesses carrying men's shoes. Cue Leon de Judah, a shoe retailer and wholesaler that carries shoes for the entire family, but who's main focus is men's footwear. It is by far one of the best stores for men's casual shoes around here. Quite literally a hole in the wall, pay extra attention to what you're walking by or you'll miss it. Don't be fooled by the small location, the selection is huge!

Leon de Judah - Sports Shoes
1125-7 Maple Ave.

1 comment:

  1. Marcus said, some fabulous sports shoes collections are available in here and by notifying this my temptation is increasing nicely. So definitely I will try to buy couple of pair sports shoes from here that hopefully it will be very soon. So hope for the best and wanna to see more lattes update from you:)