Friday, November 8, 2013

Santee Alley Dining Guide

The Santee Alley is known for its delicious street food. From pupusas and bacon-wrapped hot dogs to fruit salads and frozen yogurt. We bring together foods and flavors from all over the world! If this is your first time visiting the alley, and you're not sure where to grab a bit let us recommend a couple spots:

Bacon-wrapped hot dogs are a must-have in the alley. You can get yours with all the toppings (onions, peppers and pico de gallo) or plain. The Alley Dog also serves Mexican, Latin American and American food. The tortillas are made by hand on the spot!

This is the perfect spot for a quick snack, especially on a hot day. They have 16 frozen yogurt flavors. This is also the only place in the alley that sells coffee.

Picante is a little hidden gem sitting overlooking the alley. Not only is it the only sit-down restaurant in the alley, it's also the only place around here with a full bar! Sit in their outdoor patio and enjoy the alley from above. And did we mention they have delicious seafood too?

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