Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mertella & Co.

Sequins, lace, chiffon, and cotton dresses line the walls at Mertella & Co. We stopped by Mertella shortly after they opened and chatted with Irene, the owner and manger of the store. She does all of the buying for the location and we couldn't help but ask where she got her inspiration from.

"I wanted to create different collections in my store," she said. "Every section in the store is different. Some of the styles have more of a romantic, vintage feel to them, while others are more casual or dressy. What you'll find about Mertella is that everything in our store is "trendy" but classic. You'll be able to keep wearing them after the trend has passed while still being fashionable."

The idea behind Mertella is to offer customers pieces they can add to their closet and continue to wear throughout the seasons. We like to call that fashionable versatility.

Irene has a background in business and fashion. Her family owns clothing stores outside the country (under a different name) and she understands the importance of good products and even better customer service. She gets new merchandise every week and has fitting rooms for her customers. Her goal is to give shoppers the best possible price while still maintaining quality standards.

Mertella & Co.
1017 Santee St. Unit F
Los Angeles, CA
Retail & Wholesale

Monday, August 27, 2012


The L.A. Fashion District has been giving its Instagram followers an inside look at the stores and products in Santee Alley. We love seeing your photos and viewing the alley from so many different perspectives. You can share your own Santee Alley photos on our Facebook and Twitter. Below are some of our most recent favorites. Enjoy!

Friday, August 24, 2012

FAQ: How to shop for wholesale items in Santee Alley

Most vendors in the Santee Alley sell wholesale and retail. This means they are open to the general public and also to the trade. If you have your own store, or are looking to start a business or buy new merchandise, the alley will provide you with a great place to get started. While the rest of the Fashion District is broken down into different categories, the alley serves as one central location where you will find it all in one place: women's, men's, kid's, shoes, accessories, outerwear, etc.

To shop wholesale in the alley buyers and retailers must be able to show proof of their business license or business tax I.D. number. Check with specific stores regarding quantity regulations.

Please keep in mind...
  • Credentials presented DO NOT have to be issued in Los Angeles or California. International credentials are accepted.
  • All our vendors operate independently. For pricing, inventory and shipping information please contact vendors directly.
  • For vendor contact information please refer to our directory at www.thesanteealley.com or find it here.

Monday, August 20, 2012

New Styles: High-low dresses and airy tops

After a very busy weekend, Santee Alley is restocked with new styles for the ladies. The high-low dress trend continues to dominate our summer style, as do the airy chiffon tops. We can't complain, the styles are so flattering and easy to wear. Perhaps more importantly, we love the billowy chiffon fabric for its comfort and freshness. It's so airy, it's perfect for the summer heat.

*These styles are available at Vickie's Fashion. 1136 Santee St., Unit B 213-745-4336

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wholesale and Custom Hats at Cap Zone

Cap Zone is a wholesale hat and accessories vendor offering fedoras, beach hats, caps, scarves, and hair accessories in both kid and adult sizes. The hat wholesale vendor will ship to any address and provides drop off services. They take custom orders and can provide manufacturing services for special order requests. For pricing, minimums, and order inquiries contact Cap Zone directly at 213-742-6664 or visit their online store www.capzonela.com.

Cap Zone is open seven days a week from 9 a.m to 5:30 p.m. They are closed on the last Sunday of every month. Take a look at their in-store inventory below!

Caps Zone
225 E. 11th St.
Los Angeles, CA

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Back to School Trends

These styles are available at Vickie's Fashion.

Global Chic: Prints ans symbols from cultures all over the world seem to be popular for fall. We've seen them pop up all over the Fashion District from the showrooms to the alleys. The trend has been prevalent in clothing as well as accessories and is really a continuation of the graphics and patterns trend that has been popular all summer.

Floral: A standout print, florals can be girly and fun yet very versatile, lending themselves to different styles. We especially like floral prints on dresses for this year's "Back to School" season. As we mentioned above, prints have been very popular (we've seen them on tops and bottoms alike) and they will continue into the fall trends.

Jeans/Denim: The "Back to School" staple is very strong this season, with denim tops making a comeback. Detailed denim continues to reign supreme in the alley stores: distressed, washed out and jeweled. Colored jeans also remain a strong favorite among shoppers.

Sheer tops: We've seen sheer fabrics all year, especially in breezy tops and dresses. These easy to wear styles aren't going anywhere soon. They are stylish, yet comfortable and are incredibly easy to dress up or down. You will also find tank tops in all colors for easy (and school appropriate!) layering.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bliss Shoe Boutique is now Lola Shoetique

Bliss Shoe Boutique, which some of you may remember from our blog post here, recently announced they have been bought by Santee Alley favorite, Lola Shoetique. The store was re branded and had a grand opening under the new name this past Saturday.

Bliss Shoe Boutique issued the following statement:

"My dear costumers thank you so much for the support you have giving us in this past year! We have great news.. Our stores have been bought!! Bliss shoe boutique now belongs to the largest shoe company of the fashion district LOLA'S SHOETIQUE!!!!!!!! Please visit us under new name and brand new collection grand re- opening on Saturday so if like bliss you'll love Lola's follow us on Lola SHOETIQUE here in Facebook and mention you liked bliss and follow us on instagram @lolashoetique.. Thank you ♥♥♥♥"

For more information you can contact Lola's Shoetique here.