Thursday, August 9, 2012

Back to School Trends

These styles are available at Vickie's Fashion.

Global Chic: Prints ans symbols from cultures all over the world seem to be popular for fall. We've seen them pop up all over the Fashion District from the showrooms to the alleys. The trend has been prevalent in clothing as well as accessories and is really a continuation of the graphics and patterns trend that has been popular all summer.

Floral: A standout print, florals can be girly and fun yet very versatile, lending themselves to different styles. We especially like floral prints on dresses for this year's "Back to School" season. As we mentioned above, prints have been very popular (we've seen them on tops and bottoms alike) and they will continue into the fall trends.

Jeans/Denim: The "Back to School" staple is very strong this season, with denim tops making a comeback. Detailed denim continues to reign supreme in the alley stores: distressed, washed out and jeweled. Colored jeans also remain a strong favorite among shoppers.

Sheer tops: We've seen sheer fabrics all year, especially in breezy tops and dresses. These easy to wear styles aren't going anywhere soon. They are stylish, yet comfortable and are incredibly easy to dress up or down. You will also find tank tops in all colors for easy (and school appropriate!) layering.


  1. We just posted a blog about my family's visit to Santee Alley for the first time. My cousins and aunt are from Boston. It was a real cultural experience.

    1. Thanks for visiting! Hope you guys enjoyed the trip :)