Monday, March 19, 2012

Men's Showroom to Open on Santee Street

A sneak peak at the Planet showroom

Men’s and women’s fashion retailer Planet, located at 1340 S. Santee St., will be opening a men’s showroom in early April 2012. Planet, which originally opened as an extension of Imperial Planet on Melrose five years ago, sells men and women’s fashions for both retail and wholesale.

“We’ve noticed a need for men’s clothing in the Fashion District,” said Planet owner and designer, Jacques Artine Kevorkian. “There’s a lot of women’s apparel, but the selection for men is very limited.”

With approximately 80% of the Fashion District dedicated to women’s fashion and a growing demand for casual and contemporary menswear, Planet saw an opportunity to expand its business. The retail store is in the process of converting its back storage area into showroom space, where it will have samples for the current and upcoming seasons.

The Planet showroom will feature Spring and Fall collections.

“It’s a cash-and-carry concept similar to what’s found in the district for women’s apparel. The idea here is to always have something in-stock for buyers to purchase and take with them the same day,” said Kevorkian.

Planet carries lines designed by Kevorkian: JAK, a vintage-inspired men’s T-shirt line; Artine, a full men’s collection featuring dress shirts and blazers; and Planet, a more casual T-shirts line. According to Kevorkian, his designs can be found everywhere from department stores to high end boutiques.

“We offer higher quality at a good price point,” he says. JAK, Artine, and Planet can be purchased wholesale at a mid-price point range. Kevorkian also has a full showroom for men and women at the California Market Center.

1340 S. Santee St.
Los Angeles, CA 90015


  1. I really like this Designer wear showroom for men.Thanks for sharing with us great blog about showroom.

  2. process of converting its back storage area into showroom space, where it will have samples for the current and upcoming seasons.

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