Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Statement Jewelry for a Special Occasion

Tara is a trendy jewelry boutique on Santee Street with an amazing collection of crystal and rhinestone costume jewelry and accessories. You will find an abundance of intricately detailed, statement jewelry pieces in every color perfect for special occasions, prom, and weddings. Tara's jewelry is available for wholesale and retail. You can shop a the collection on their website here or scroll down for a look at their current in-store inventory.

The multi-tone beads in this necklace make it an incredible stand-out piece.

The "Evil Eye" collection is definitely an attention getter. For more subtle pieces, Tara also carries more traditional designs with floral motifs.

The walls are line with color coordinated displays of earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. They have the same designs in multiple colors to ensure  you will find the perfect match for you outfit.

Did we mention they have shoes too?

Our favorite section at Tara was this amazing collection of rhinestone/crystal encrusted clutches. The detail is unbelievable!
210 E. Olympic Blvd. (Entrance on Santee St.)

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