Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekly Fashion Finds: Makeup Cases

How sweet is the makeup case pictured above? Every makeup lovers dream! Makeup cases are becoming more prevalent in the alley and come in various sizes and colors. We found Halo Handbags has one of the best makeup case selections in the LA Fashion District. They carry everything from small cases for the everyday gal to heavy-duty portable cases for the makeup pros like the one pictured below.

We're especially smitten with the animal print rolling cases. They have multi-tier pull out portable cases too!

For pricing and purchase inquiries please contact Halo Handbags directly. They have two locating in the alley:

1016 Santee Alley #7
(213) 747-1080

1227 1/2 S. Maple Ave. #B
(213) 746-2440

And two other locations in the Fashion District:

1137 Santee St.
(213) 748-1332

311 E. 11th St.
(213) 745-4028