Wednesday, March 19, 2014

5 "Must Do's" for First Time Santee Alley Visitors

We'll be the first to admit the first time you visit  Santee Alley can be a little overwhelming. The sights, the sounds, the delicious food smells... not to mention all there is to see. Whether you're visiting for the day or just a couple hours here's our 5 "Must Do's" while visiting the alley.
  1. Start shopping at either the Olympic Boulevard or 12th Street entrance, between Santee Street and Maple Avenue. We find that having a start and end point assures you'll see the entire alley and keeps you from getting lost. Santee Alley is only 2 blocks, but there's tons of stores in the surrounding area, and it branches out into other alleyways. You can download a map here for reference.
  2. Grab lunch at The Alley Dog. A long time staple of the area, Alley Dog has the best bacon wrapped hot dogs in town. Their "bionicos" are also a local favorite.
  3. Peruse the $1 jewelry store and booths (you'll see these randomly set up throughout the alley). They don't look like much at a glance, but many a treasures are bound to be found here.
  4. Check out the shoe stores. The alley is known for its unique shoe selection. You'll find shoes here that are unlike anything you'll see at your local mall. Even if intricately designed 5-inch stilettos are not your style, they are still worth checking out if only to appreciate the "artwork".
  5. Spend $5. Sunglasses and phone cases are both $5 here and they range from cute to crazy - phone cases and sunglasses alike.

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