Monday, September 15, 2014

Santee Alley Favorite: Heels!

One of the best things to shop for in Santee Alley (wholesale and retail)? Heels! The alley is THE place for women's footwear in the LA Fashion District. While there is no "footwear sub-district" in the Fashion District, the alley is easily the area in the district with the highest concentration of shoe stores for men, children, and especially women. The women's shoe stores in the alley are lined top-to-bottom with the most popular shoe trends and must-haves for the season. Santee Alley shoe vendors are usually importers, manufacturers, distributors, or a combination of all three. You are buying direct from the source, which keeps prices down. The average price for heels in the alley is $25-30, while sandals are usually less than $20, and the average price for boots can go up to $35.

Not sure where to start shopping? We suggest I Heat Fashion at 1021 inside Santee Alley. It is located near the Santee Alley entrance at Olympic Boulevard, between Maple Avenue and Santee Street.

I Heart Fashion

Wholesale & Retail
1021 Maple Ave. inside Santee Alley

See more of I Heart Fashion here.

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