Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Santee Alley Frequently Asked Questions

Happy New Year! We received a lot of questions from shoppers over the holiday season, and decided to compile our most frequently asked questions in one post for future reference...

What are the Santee Alley hours?
Santee Alley stores are independently owned and operated, which means each store owner sets their own business hours. In general most stores start opening around 9:30 a.m. All stores are typically open by 10 a.m. and closed by 6 p.m. Some stores will close as early as 5 or 5:30 p.m.

Is Santee Alley open on holidays/weekends?
Yes, the alley is open 7 days a week including ALL holidays.

Is Santee Alley the same thing as the LA Fashion District?
The Santee Alley is comprised of 2 blocks located within the Fashion District and makes up the retail core of the area. The LA Fashion District is a 100-block district catering to the Los Angeles fashion industry including wholesale, textiles, and flowers.

Is Santee Alley open when it rains?
Yes! The Santee Alley is open rain or shine.

Is Santee Alley outdoors?
The Santee Alley is an actual alley located between Maple Avenue and Santee Street. While the stores themselves are not outdoors, the alley itself is open-air.

Can I rent a stroller, wheelchair, or shopping cart while visiting Santee Alley?
No, the alley does not provide rental services of any kind.

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