Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekly Fashion Finds: $20 Handbag Sale

Ice Handbags is making room for fall inventory and has ALL their handbags on sale for $20. That's right ladies, any purse for $20! Ice has two locations in the LA Fashion District, with two more coming soon. The Santee Alley location is at 315-B. Purchases can also be placed online via their Facebook and Instagram.

Ice Handbags are 100% vegan and can also be found at retailers like Nordstrom Rack and Marshall's. Ice, a manufacturer and importer, has been in the alley for over two years. They specifically decided to base their business in the Fashion District because they felt confident they could offer the kind of competitive pricing Santee Alley shoppers expect. At $20 a bag we think they're doing an excellent job.

Scroll down to see the current handbag selection...

P.S. Did we mention most of their bags are lined with leopard print? We're obssessed.

Ice Handbags
Wholesale & Retail
315-B inside Santee Alley
431 E. 11th St.
(213) 745-4961


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