Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Forever Shoes Now Accepts Online Orders

It's not every day that we get to share news as exciting as this.. Forever Shoes, located at 1010 inside Santee Alley, is now offering online orders! That's right, you can now shop the alley without even having to leave your home. Orders can be placed via the Forever Shoes Facebook page or over the phone by calling (213) 744-8098. The store will be posting new arrivals on Facebook and deleting old styles as they sell out, so you'll always know what is in stock.

Forever Shoes is just one of various stores in the alley that now allow shoppers to place online and phone orders. Some stores only take orders via Facebook and Instagram, so make sure to follow your favorite Santee Alley stores :)

Scroll below to see what's currently in stock at Forever Shoes...

Forever Shoes
1010 Maple Ave. inside Santee Alley
Retail & Wholesale


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