Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Santee Alley Prom Shopping Guide

Image Bridesmaid & Quinceañera, 1026 Santee St.

Prom dress? Check. Heels? Check. Accessories? Check. Tuxedo, tie, and dress shoes? Check, check, check! Santee Alley has everything you need for prom, and in this post we're going to help you find it.

For those of you who are new to the area, Santee Alley takes up two blocks of the LA Fashion District and offers special occasion apparel, accessories, and footwear for men and women at steeply discounted prices. The alley is located between Maple Avenue and Santee Street from Olympic Boulevard to 12th Street.

Prom Dresses
The majority of prom dress stores are located on Santee Street between Olympic and 12th. There is one dedicated special occasion dress store located inside Santee Alley - Top Star (pictured above) - and many women’s apparel stores will stock special occasion dresses during the prom season (March-June). There’s also a couple stores located on Maple Avenue between Olympic Boulevard and 12th Street.

Heels & Special Occasion Shoes
We have at least a dozen women’s shoe stores in the area carrying heels, sandals, wedges, and flats in all colors. Shoes typically range from $15-30. See some of the shoe store’s we’ve featured on this blog: Betty’s Shoes, Cherry-4U (pictured above), Sensual Steps, Forever Shoes, I Heart Fashion, and Instagram favorite – Lola Shoetique.

Jewelry & Accessories
The majority of jewelry and accessories stores are located on Santee Street between Olympic Boulevard and 11th Street. Inside the alley you will also find Halo Handbags, LA Purses, Fashion Fantasia (pictured above) and Accessories High Bijoux.

Cebu, 1022 Santee St.
Fashion Vogues, 1008-B Santee St.

For the Guys
We’re not just girly glitz and glamour here, we’ve got the boy’s covered too! You can actually buy a suit for the same price or under the cost of a rental. Suits are often sold in package deals that include a tie, shirt, and various accessories. Most package deals are offered for about $100. 

Suit stores can be found throughout the Santee Alley on Maple Avenue, Santee Street, and inside the alley including Bucci and BZ Studio.

Aron Imani, 1013 Maple Ave.

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