Friday, December 14, 2012

Holiday Sparkle at Madera Fashion

Earlier this year we introduced you to Madera Fashion, a family-owned retail and wholesale boutique in Santee Alley. The Madera family produces a popular line of embellished denim, but their boutiques also carry an incredibly well curated selection of women's clothing and accessories. Namely holiday fashions, as metallics and sequins line the walls of this super cute boutique. (Scroll though the photos to see what's currently in stock.) We think we'll be buying our holiday and New Year's Eve party outfits here.

For those of you interested in buying wholesale or who are looking to start your own business, Madera is looking for people interested in selling through catalog. For more information please contact Madera owner, Cecilia Madera at 213-271-5647.

For purchase or product inquiries please contact the store directly at 213-745-4515 or visit them at 1041 in the Santee Alley.

1 comment:

  1. The latest stock has finally arrived. It is an interesting blend of colours and sparkle. Most of the outfits look suitable for party wear. Kindly share the prices and where to buy?