Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Now Open: LA Sweeties - Women's Wholesale and Retail Clothing

We've had a slew of new businesses open in the alley this summer (My Secret Fashion, Simone, Baby Lobster... to name a few), and we're thrilled to see more stores opening. Just a few weeks ago, alley-favorite and plus-size store Sweeties Plus opened a sister store, LA Sweeties, at 1139 S Maple Ave.

LA Sweeties brings the great style and impeccable merchandising of Sweeties Plus to the regular sized gal. (LA Sweeties does not sell plus-size.) In fact, it has to be the best color coordinated store in the alley. Walking in the store is kind of like walking through a closet rainbow. Scroll below for a virtual tour....

The clothing here is geared toward the contemporary and young contemporary buyer. We spotted lots of trendy pieces, like the overalls pictured above, summer-perfect dresses and all sorts of floral prints.

Welcome to Santee Alley LA Sweeties!

LA Sweeties
1139 S Maple Ave. inside Santee Alley

LA Sweeties is a wholesale and retail vendor. For purchase or pricing inquiries, please contact the store directly.


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