Friday, May 15, 2015

Santee Alley Hidden Gems: Chocolate

This store is as good as its name... Chocolate is a retail and wholesale women's store located at 1120-E S Santee St. inside Santee Alley. It offers trendy clothing for young women at very affordable price points. We saw rompers, maxis, and tops all priced under $20! The quality of the clothing is also very good. Chocolate is not online, so this is truly one of those Fashion District gems you'll only find by visiting Santee Alley. Scroll below to see current styles. 

1120-E inside Santee Alley


  1. Can I please please please order online?? I am from Washington and there's no better deals than this place!

    1. Hi Ashley, unfortunately Chocolate is not an online vendor. We hope you can come visit soon!

  2. Hi! I would like to do a photography collaboration with highly ranked fashion bloggers and models. Please respond with an e-mail contact so we can discuss future plans.

  3. I would love get in contact with Chocolate specifically, thank you!

  4. Hi how can I get wholesale prices.

    Thank you