Friday, May 10, 2013

Mother's Day Gift Guide: Officially Last Minute

Necklaces from High Bijoux

Let's face it. If you haven't bought a gift for Mom by now it's officially last minute, way, way last minute. If your mom is a fashion loving, bargain hunting momma like ours, treat her to a special day of shopping, lunching, and bonding in the Fashion District. We've even put together this little guide to make your life easier:

  • Enter on Olympic Boulevard between Santee Street and Maple Avenue. Parking tips here. If you need your morning coffee/shopping energy, there's a Coffee Bean on the corner of Olympic Boulevard and Los Angeles and a Starbucks on 9th and Santee St. You can download a map here
  • There are three things you absolutely have to shop for in the alley, because you'll get the best deals and you won't find what we have here anywhere else: handbags, shoes, and fashion jewelry. We recommend High Bijoux for jewelry and accessories, Betty's Shoes and Sensual Shoes for cute pumps and sandals, and Halo Handbags and House of Bags.
  • Enjoy the experience. We're not your average shopping spot ;)

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